Top 10 Authentic Naruto Headbands You Can Buy Online 

 July 9, 2021

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If you are a fan of Naruto, the ninja, then you must be aware of the whole craze around Naruto headbands. While the rest of the world might not understand, anime fans know how essential headbands are in the Naruto world. The Shinobi headbands are a sign of loyalty to the hidden ninja villages. Each headband has a unique symbol of a ninja village; like, Naruto's leaf headband representing Konohagakure's powerful village.
Fans love to buy and sport a headband; people worldwide have started amazing collections of Naruto headbands – some even have a plethora of rogue headbands! If you are looking to buy a headband for yourself, as a gift, or start a collection, this article might help you choose the perfect band. I have compiled some helpful tips and even listed some of my favorite Naruto headbands from across the internet for you to buy right away. 

How to choose a headband?

Well, if you are new to the Naruto world, then there are few things you must know before you make a purchase. Choosing a headband needs some thought. There are several things to consider, such as the symbol you want on the band, the color of the band, and even the significance of the headband. Here are a few tips that might help you choose a headband –

  • Choose a color - If you are looking for an authentic Naruto headband, then you must decide whether you want a black, blue, or red band. He mostly sports a blue band, but in Naruto Shippuden, he was wearing a black band. In one of the movies, he also sports a red headband. So, it depends on which series or movie you are influenced by. I personally love the classic blue Naruto headband. 
  • Look for a metal plate - If you are into cosplay or are looking for an authentic Naruto collection piece, then make sure that the headband you buy has a metal plate. There are several headbands out there that will give you a thin, flimsy metal plate with the leaf stamped on it; however, if you want the classic Naruto look, you must only buy a metal plated headband. 
  • Loyal or rogue? - Ninjas would often scratch a line across the symbol on their headband when they went rogue. There are several Naruto headbands out there that represent the rogue ninjas who simply abandoned their duties and left their villages forever. You can even find a rogue leaf headband. 

Top Naruto Headbands to Buy Right Away

A Naruto headband is a beautiful piece that you can treasure for a long time. You can even use it for cosplay or events. It can also make for a lovely gift.
If you have friends that are ardent followers of the Naruto series, then a headband would make for a fantastic gift on any occasion. I have handpicked some of the best Naruto headbands that would make for lovely gifts. 

IDOXE Headband Unisex Cosplay Mask

This Kakashi mask and headband combo from IDOXE is an excellent option. The headband is made of soft, breathable material and has a metal plate as well. The mask is also made from the same breathable fabric so that you can wear it for a long time without any issues. It is ideal to complete your look for a cosplay event. The mask is classic black, and so is the headband. It will make for a nice gift for Naruto fans. 


  • Soft material
  • Breathable cloth
  • Good quality metal plate
  • Unisex headband
Naruto Cosplay Headband and Mask

This headband and mask combo is an excellent option for children. It comes in a small size of 3.94 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches which is ideal for children to wear. It is black in color and has a good quality metal plate with Konohagakure's leaf symbol. The mask is also fitted with a zipper that makes it easy to dress a child. If your kid is looking forward to dressing up as a ninja this Halloween, then this Naruto mask and headband would help complete the look. 


  • Ideal for children
  • Good quality
  • Zipper-fitted mask 
Atenia Cosplay Headband

If you are still not sure whether you are pro-leaf or anti-leaf, then this set is for you. It comes with both the metal plates so that you can be Konohagakure's protector one moment and turn rogue the very next moment. The headband is made of 100% polyester and has sweat-wicking properties, which allow for a soft, comfortable fit. It is 3.12 ft long and can easily be worn by anyone and everyone. The headband is black in color, with the plate made out of stainless steel. 


  • Good quality headband
  • Leaf and anti-leaf plates
  • Sweat-wicking material
  • The standard size of 3.12 ft
Leaf Village Headband with Ninja Weapons Props Big Yondaime Kunai

This is a set of Naruto headbands and Kunai, the small knives that the fearless ninjas use while protecting their hidden villages. It is a black headband and comes with three metal plates. It has the leaf, anti-leaf, and even the symbol of the Allied Shinobi forces printed on the metal plates. While the kit in its entirety is suitable for people who cosplay, the headband is the highlight. It is a good quality band with all the essentials in place. The Kunai, however, is poorly made. 


  • Good quality headband
  • Three metal plates
  • Symbol of the Allied Shinobi forces as well
  • Kunai set (however, poorly made)
Yozone Naruto Leaf Village Double Brand Pendant Necklace

If you are not a big fan of the Naruto headbands and would like something a bit more subtle, then this ninja necklace is an ideal option. Made from environmentally friendly steel, it has a leaf pendant which also has the fire ninja symbol on the other side. The pendant is made from good quality steel and is naturally anti-corrosive. You can wear it to a cosplay event or even on a daily wear basis. 


  • Good quality necklace
  • Naruto leaf symbol
  • Fire ninja symbol
  • Ideal for daily wear as well
Great Eastern Naruto Headband - Leaf Village Logo Cosplay

If you want to buy the authentic Naruto headband, then this is the only appropriate choice. It is licensed by Great Eastern Entertainment and is made of high-quality material. It is 2.5" in size and comes in a standard size for everyone. The headband is made of a dark blue color and has a metal plate with the leaf symbol. The metal plate is of good quality and built to last long. Not only is it a great piece to add to your collection, but it will make for a meaningful gift for a Naruto fan! 


  • Officially licensed by Great Eastern
  • 100% authentic Naruto headband
  • Dark blue band with a metal plate
  • High-quality product, ideal for collectors
Supstyler Cosplay Anime Headband Metal

This, again, is a set of one headband and two pieces of Kunai. It is made of good quality material. However, the size is ideal for children only; especially the Kunai pieces, they are too small for adults. The band is a classic black in color and comes with a single metal plate with the leaf symbol of Konohagakure printed on it. 


  • Good quality
  • One, black headband
  • Konohagakure's leaf symbol
  • Two pieces of Kunai
  • Ideal for children
Naruto Leaf Village Headband and Anti Leaf Village Headband 2 Pack

This is a set of two metal plates. It allows you to be a loyal, protective ninja of the Konohagakure village and then switches to being a rogue ninja whenever you like. The two metal plates have the leaf and the scratched-leaf symbol printed on them. The band is black in color and also comes with two-piece weapons that will help complete your ninja look. It is ideal for adults as well and can be worn for cosplay or to a fan event. 


  • Black headband with two metal plates
  • Leaf and anti-leaf symbols on plates
  • Good quality material
  • Ideal for adults as well
Leaf Village Headband with 2 Pcs Accessories for Ninja Fans

This is an ideal gift for Naruto fans, especially for children. It comes with a classic Ninja leaf headband, two pieces of the Kunai weapons, and 50 pieces of Naruto stickers. The headband is made of high-quality material and is accessible to tie up and open up. The Kunai is ideal for cosplay and photography sessions. 


  • The high-quality fabric used in the headband
  • Leaf symbol printed on the metal plate
  • Two pieces of the kunai weapon as well
  • 50 pieces of Naruto stickers
  • Ideal gift for children
Ilovcomic Cosplay Konoha Betrayer Ninja Accessory Black Headband

If you are a rogue ninja, in and out, then this Ninja Betrayer headband is for you. It is a good-quality headband with a metal plate that has the anti-leaf village symbol printed on it. The headband is a classic black in color and comes in a standard size. It will make for an excellent gift for Naruto fans. 


  • Ninja betrayer headband
  • Black color headband
  • Anti-leaf village symbol
  • Good quality material

Answering the main question – Is there an official Naruto headband?

If you are looking for an authentic Naruto headband, then you must consider the ones licensed by Great Eastern Entertainment. They will usually come in a standard size, one size fits all, and with a metal plate.

The bestselling ones are the blue and red bands with the leaf; however, you can also find several other hidden villages represented on the headbands like Kirigakure and Kumogakure. You can also buy other Naruto accessories to add to your collection. 

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