Top 10 Gifts for Naruto Fans: Full Pricing Review 

 July 9, 2021

By  admin

Well, if you have landed on this page, it is safe to assume that you don’t know much about the Naruto world and are looking for a gift for a devoted fan. Don’t worry; you are in the right place.
I have put together all the information you can ever need to understand your loved one’s craze for Naruto, the ninja, and pick out the perfect gift for them. 

What is Naruto all about?

First things first, what is Naruto all about? It is a popular Japanese manga that was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It is now widely popular in the form of series, movies, and video games.

It is the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja who aims to become the leader of his village. He is a young, determined ninja that fights all challenges to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage, the leader of his village Konohagakure. It is a story that has found millions of fans across the world. 

Top Naruto Gifts for True Fans You Need to See  

I have handpicked some of the best gifts for Naruto fans. You can buy these gifts off the internet and have them delivered to you in no time.
To help you further, the gifts have been categorized into three categories based on their prices. If you are on a tight budget, you might like to look at the gifts priced under $25; while for those willing to spend a little extra, there are gifts under $75 as well. If you are looking to go all out, there are some excellent gifts for $100 as well that would make your loved one’s day special! 

Don’t worry if you are on a budget; here are some great gifts that should fit almost any budget  – 

Kurama was a strong beast that was highly sought after by everyone to be used as a tool in war. He was a fierce, powerful beast with nine tails. You can consider gifting your loved one this beautiful figurine of Kurama. It is a 6” figurine and is made of good quality material. It is ideal for children and adults alike. It also makes for a nice collectible. 


  • Good quality material 
  • 6” figurine in size
  • Ideal for children and adults alike
  • Good piece for collections as well 

This is a set of 6 figurines. They are made of solid, quality material and placed on separate stands. However, they are detachable from the stands. They depict different characters from the Naruto manga and will make for an ideal gift for a die-hard fan. Also, they are very reasonably priced for a set of 6 figurines. 


  • Good quality figurines
  • Detachable from their stands
  • Set of 6 different figurines

If the person for whom you are buying a gift is a fan of video games, especially the PS4, then you are in luck. This is a fantastic set of vinyl stickers for the PS4 console and the Dualshock remotes as well. Made of high-quality material, the stickers are in bold and beautiful colors. They have an anti-slip, grip-like feel to them. The best part is that they are simple to install, and if you ever want to take them off, you can do so easily by pulling them off without leaving any sticky residue behind. It is an excellent gift for a true fan of Naruto! 


  • Unique gift for Naruto and video game lovers
  • High-quality vinyl stickers for console and remote
  • Bold and beautiful design that looks attractive
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind when removed

Again, one of the best gifts you can give to a person who loves Naruto and likes to play video games. It is the ultimate game for a Naruto fan that will take them through an incredible journey, backed by a strong storyline, and is full of anime-rendered fights. It has a new character roster that allows players to play with new characters such as Boruto, Sarada, Hokage, and more. The game is full of new challenges and has extended gameplay. 


  • Great gift for video game lovers
  • Anime-rendered fighting game
  • A new roster of playable characters
  • A new set of challenges and fights
  • Playable on a PlayStation4 console

If the person for whom you are buying a gift is into cosplay or just can’t stop talking about how they plan to dress up like a ninja on Halloween, then get them this fantastic set. It is a set of a hoodie cloak, headband, ring, necklace, plus a plastic toy as well. The cloak is made of 100% polyester, and the accessories are made of plastic. The cloak can be worn for a long time without sweating out. It is in a beautiful black color with red designs. Altogether, the set would make for an excellent gift for a Naruto fan. 


  • Set of a cloak, headband, and accessories
  • Black colored, classic cloak
  • Great set for people into cosplay
  • A great gift to be used for Halloween

This is a beautiful black and white handbag that can be an ideal gift for Naruto fans. It has the symbol of the Leaf Village printed in black on a white surface. The bag looks bold and stylish. It can be used on a daily wear basis as well.


  • Beautiful design
  • Good quality and material
  • Leaf symbol printed on handbag

Made of a high-quality mix of polyester and cotton, this hoodie will make for a nice gift for Naruto fans. It is also a nice gift for people who are into cosplay or part of fan clubs or attend fan events and meetings. It is available in three different color combinations and has several symbols printed on it as part of the design. 


  • Good quality hoodie
  • A mix of polyester and cotton
  • Different colors and designs available

Sasuke is a beloved character from the Naruto manga. He is a part of the Uchiha clan and is a powerful ninja. He has millions of fans worldwide. If your loved one is a fan of the notorious Sasuke, then consider gifting them this beautiful figurine of the powerful ninja. The best part is that it comes with an interchangeable headpiece (even the hands are interchangeable) to recreate his last scene with his brother. It would make for a lovely and memorable gift for someone who is a fan of Sasuke.


  • Good quality figurine
  • Interchange-able parts
  • Great gift for fans of Sasuke

Featured primarily on one of the popular Naruto movies, the Senin mode is an empowered state that a ninja can enter by blending their natural energy with their chakra. It helps the ninja to find new techniques and power up their existing moves. The Senin mode, also called the Sage mode, holds a deep meaning for fans. This figurine features Naruto, the main character, in the Senin mode. It is made of high-quality PVC and would be an excellent gift for fans. 


  • High-quality PVC figurine
  • Features Naruto in the Senin mode
  • Bold design in black and yellow
  • Great gift for collectors as well

If your loved one is into cosplay, then this complete set of Kakashi’s dress and accessories can be a great gift. They would love to dress up as Kakashi – the teacher of Team 7. He is a revered character of the series and is loved by one and all. The set includes a wearable dress, headband, gloves, footwear, and more. It provides everything one can need to dress up as Kakashi. 


  • Complete set of Kakashi’s dress
  • Also contains accessories
  • Headband and gloves included as well
  • Great gift for people into cosplay

Still, confused? Go with a headband!

Well, if you are still confused about what to get for your loved one, there is a simple solution – just buy a Naruto headband. You can never go wrong with a headband when it comes to buying a gift for a Naruto fan. The headband holds a special place in every fan’s heart.
If you are confused, just buy a headband. It is the safest bet. 

FAQs About Buying Gifts For Anime Lovers

For someone who doesn’t know much about anime, it can become a confusing affair to pick out a gift. There are so many questions that come to mind, such as – 

What do you buy for an anime lover?

Well, there are a lot of things that you can buy for an anime lover. Starting with original copies of the manga or translated versions, if they don’t know how to read Japanese, there are a lot of options to choose from. Depending on which anime they like, there are several accessories and collectibles that you can buy as a gift. You can also buy costumes such as a ninja dress, headbands or gift them a set of ninja weapons like knives.
If you would like to gift something mainstream that they can use on a daily basis, then there are several anime-inspired items like socks, t-shirts, dresses, and even notebooks and mugs that you can consider. 

What to buy a girl who likes anime?

One of the best gifts for a girl who likes anime is the original manga of her favorite anime. You can also consider stationery, collectibles, and anime-inspired jewelry such as necklaces and rings as gifts for a girl who likes anime. 

What should I get a Naruto fan?

The classic gift for a Naruto fan is definitely the ninja headband. It is a protective gear that all ninjas wear. The bands come with a metal plate that has the symbol of the ninja’s hidden village. Naruto, for example, belongs to the village of Konohagakure (also known as the Leaf Village).

The ninjas that go rogue, scratch the symbol on their headbands. You can get both types of headbands online as well. They are the perfect gift for a Naruto fan. 

Are there only headbands for a Naruto fan?

No, definitely not. There are a whole lot of other gifts as well, such as the Kunai weapons and other collectible items like figurines, posters, and mugs. However, the headband is a classic gift and also holds a special significance in the lives of all Naruto fans.

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