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Video Player and Wallpaper Download Troubleshooting

Due to several emails I received about users not being able to play the videos or download the wallpapers, I made a tutorial for you guys to fix this. Please read and follow the instructions below. If you follow them correctly, the videos and wallpapers should be able to load properly with no problems regardless of the source of the embedded video and wallpaper format.


I have verified a few possible causes for videos to not play properly and problems with downloading the wallpapers. I suggest you to follow the steps completely and email me if it is still not working so I can personally try to help you.

STEP 1. Firstly, please install the Google Pack below, which includes the latest Mozilla Firefox version:

STEP 2. Your screen resolution settings should be at least 1024 x 768 (optimal viewing of wallpapers 1280 x 780). To do this, open Control Panel, select "Display", and open the "Settings" tab.

STEP 3. Reopen in your newly installed firefox version, and select your desired wallpaper. You can then select your desired wallpaper size by clicking your desired resolution from the links directly above the image.

STEP 4. Once your desired wallpaper image is displayed, right click on it and select save. You can now save your desired wallpaper to your hard drive