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Welcome to Naruto Wallpaper ArtStudio! We have created this section after listening to your requests. This is where you can help us expand our collection of Naruto wallpapers by submitting your unique art work. Yes, we are putting all of you naruto fanatics to good use *wink*. We are looking for talent amongst the dedicated, hard-core Naruto fans. Put on your creative caps and start drawing, painting, or photoshopping your very own Naruto wallpapers. Selected wallpapers of artist will be featured on our Art Studio Wall of Fame, and will be added to the main pool of wallpapers on the main section under the respective characters. To make this more fun and challenging, check out the News section for sporadic updates - there will be various weekly themes, competitions, and comments from us. To get the ball rolling, our team of artists have designed some naruto wallpapers for you - absolutely free! Note: Please read the guidelines listed under the "Submit Wallpaper" section for more details.

  • Neji inverted striped
  • Minato and gamabunta
  • Minato naruto father and son
  • Real ninjas wail hard
  • Sasori akatsuki
  • Shippuuden sasuke
  • Gaara risk for my acceptance
  • Sasuke and naruto extremes
  • Four akatsuki friends
  • Naruto kyubis seal gate

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